Monitor Arm - FYI

Workflow is best when users are well-supported and comfortable, with content readily available and easy to see. FYI Monitor Arms adjust quickly for workers on the go, without using any tools. This puts screens in the right position for any user and any posture, reducing eye and muscle strain, increasing user comfort and creating a healthier and more productive workplace. FYI monitor arm rotation allows for landscape viewing of the monitor and has built in counter-balance to ensure correct alignment every time.




Position and tilt the FYI Monitor Arm to the preferred viewing distance while promoting proper working posture


Mechanism is able to tilt a range of 20 degrees backwards and 30 degrees forwards

Rotate to landscape or horizontal view


Able to support up to 20 lbs.


Option of through mount (through worksurface) or clamp

Built-in counter-balance tool so the user can easily balance the monitor

Integrated cable management


Quick-Connect capability for easy connection (or disconnection) of a monitor to the device