Transform a Filing Cabinet Into a...

Thanks to modern technology, we can now keep our owner's manuals, legal papers and other important documents online and in the cloud. As a tragic result, our sturdy, old filing cabinets are becoming less in demand. That's why we love these upcycle ideas.

Wine Cabinet 

Keep your wine locked away safely in a dust free organized enviroment. The top of the cabinet can be used for wine tasting or to store your wine accessories.

Each cabinet can easily hold 75 wine bottles (25 to 30 per drawer).


Tool Cabinet 

Store all your tools in one easy to find secure location. lots of room for tools, hardware, parts and other supplies. Top surface makes a sturdy work area.

Cabinet Features

   - Lateral Drawers are all-welded construction using 20 and 22 gauge high quality, tension leveled, cold

      rolled steel. The steel gauges selected for drawer fronts, bodies and accessories ensure the highest quality, durability and
     performance for all components.


   - Full width pulls allow lift-up doors and drawers to be opened from any position.


   - Lock bars operate vertically on both sides of the cabinet for maximum security.

   - The patented Safelock mechanism provides complete security against accidental opening

      of two or more drawers simultaneously. When any drawer or single pullout shelf is extended,

      even fractionally, Safelock ensures that all other openings immediately become inoperable.


   -  Exterior Dimensions: 30" Wide, 18" Deep, 39" High 

      Interior Drawer Dimensions: 27" Wide, 16" Deep, 11"High

   - Price $275

   -Mobile Option Includes 4 Wheels $350

Cabinet can be painted in your desired color to match your decor.