Make a lasting first impression with a professional reception desk. Your receptionist will love the design and style of a reception desk built for productivity.  Our reception desks provide both privacy and accessibility in your choice of finish and configuration. Put your best professional face forward.

IN STOCK - Laminate Recepetion Desks - 5' or 6' Option
Featuing a Grey laminate finish with optional white hangning countertop. 
Made in Canada

Intelligent Office Furniture (IOF)
Transform your reception and waiting room into an area that truly reflects your brand’s identity. With over 100 styles, panels, color schemes you have the opportunity to create a space you will be proud to welcome and wow your customers. Below is a small sample of our recent designs.

Modular Panel System (Steelcase Answer)
Utilizing high quality partitions we can create virtually every size or layout your space requires.  Panels available in fabric, metal or wood to fit your design needs.  Fabric panels are acoustical (noise dampening) and tackable.