Haworth Improv in Black


Proven ergonomic performance. A member of the world's largest ergonomic seating family, the Improv H.E. desk chair offers easy-to-use adjustments to accommodate people of all types and sizes.


Provides comfort and support.

One of the most ergonomic seating solutions we offer, Improv H.E. provides comfort and support in a style that's conventional, yet still miles from ho-hum - its contoured look, thoughtful design, and full range of features make it the perfect task chair for any work environment. 


The Improv desk chair combines basic ergonomic support with fundamental style in a one-piece height-adjustable seat shell. Improv H.E. takes it up a level—delivering exceptional comfort with a full range of support features to accommodate body types and sizes from 4’10” to 6’9”. Suit people’s needs with the simple elegance of an all-purpose chair.